The Escamillas of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The Escamilla branch, my maternal lineage, that I descend from comes from Cienega de Flores, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. My maternal grandfather is the son of the renown Brigadier General Juan Escamilla Garza, who fought in the Mexican Revolution and in the Civil War of Nicaragua (1926-1933).

Brigadier General Juan Escamilla is the son of Pedro Escamilla Lozano and Teofila Garza Garcia. On April 30,1881, in Cienega de Flores, Pedro Escamilla Lozano married Teofila Garza Garcia. Pedro was a “propietario” which is a landlord or landowner and Teofila Garza’s parents were also landowners according to the marriage record.

Pedro Escamilla Lozano is the son of Jose Antonio Escamilla Arrambide and Maria Rita Lozano Quiroga.

Jose Antonio Escamilla Arrambide is the son of Pedro Jose Escamilla de la Garza and Gregoria Arrambide Galvan.

Pedro Jose Escamilla de la Garza is the son of Cayetano Flaminio Escamilla Trevino and Maria Leocadia de la Garza Morales. Cayetano and Leocadia were married on Feburary 2, 1781 in Salinas Victoria, N. L, Mexico.

Cayetano’s parents are Juan Antonio de Escamilla Martinez and Juana Aurelia Trevino Martinez.

The Escamilla’s of Nuevo Leon descend from  Alf. Francisco Perez de Escamilla and from his brother Diego Perez de Escamilla. Francisco and Diego are both listed as españoles, Spaniards.

Along with his brother, Alf. Francisco Perez de Escamilla is among one of the early founders of  La Villa de Cadereyta.  The Escamilla brothers were from Tepetitlan which is in the state of Hidalgo and settled in the Nuevo Reino de Leon.

On January 25, 1636, Francisco Perez de Escamilla entered the Nuevo Reino de Leon. He brought with him his wife and sons, personal servants, Indians, sheep and goats, 150 mares,  and cattle to the New Kingdom of Leon. He received a land grant from Governor Martin de Zavala in Cerralvo on April 27, 1636.¹

Alf. Francisco Perez de Escamilla had four sons:

  1. Francisco Perez de Escamilla ( El Mozo). He married Leonor de Ayala. Leonor de Ayala is a descendant of Alonso de Estrada, Royal Treasurer of New Spain and illegitimate son of Ferdinand the Catholic according to some sources.
  2. Miguel de Escamilla
  3. Joaquin de Escamilla
  4. Luis de Escamilla

The wife of Alf. Francisco Perez de Escamilla is unknown.

francisco perez de escamilla civil

francisco perez de escamilla land grant

From the book: El Nuevo Reino de Leon y Monterrey: A traves de 3000 documentos (en sintesis) del Ramo Civil del Archivo Municipal de la Ciudad 1598-1705. Author: Israel Cavazos Garza.


¹Garmendia-Leal, Guillermo, Origen de los Fundadores de Cadereyta (1635-1763). 1st edition, 1993. 1, 3.


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