This is a translated article of Identidad y Memoria de Santa Catalina, Nuevo Leon written by Antonio Guerrero Aguilar. The original article can be found on the following website,

Lucas Garcia is my 10th great grandfather and I also descend from him directly, as well as through other lineages. The words in red are my addition to the text.

On June 3, 1624, Lucas García asked to revalidate the titles that were lost during the assault of Huajuco and Colmillo. The founder of Santa Catarina was originally from Portugal. His date of birth is unknown, son of Baltazar Castaño de Sosa and Inés Rodríguez (don Diego de Montemayor’s daughter). At a young age, he moved to New Spain and was present at the foundation of the Villa de Santiago del Saltillo in 1577 (his father, don Baltazar, was one of the founder’s of la Villa de Santiago del Saltillo). He participated in war and pacification actions alongside Alberto del Canto, Diego de Montemayor (Lucas’s maternal grandfather), and Manuel de Mederos. He reached the rank of captain. He married Juliana de Quintanilla and they formed an integrated family of eleven children.

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captain Lucas Garcia

Statue of Captain Lucas Garcia in Santa Catalina, Nuevo Leon.

Lucas and his family were one of the twelve families who accompanied Diego de Montemayor in the founding of the Metropolitan City of Our Lady of Monterrey on September 20, 1596. He was granted the lands that were between Saltillo and Monterrey that received the name of Santa Catalina and it became a hacienda due to the good lands and the water that flowed out of the Boca del Potrero de Santa Catalina. On November 20, 1596, due to the orographic conditions, important silver veins were soon located that allowed the development of the hacienda. According to oral tradition, the hacienda of Santa Catalina was established in the place known as El Mármol, located on República Street behind an estate known as La Muralla.

On May 31, 1624, Indian caciques Huajuco and Colmillo attacked the hacienda of Santa Catalina. They burned the big house, the warehouses and the deeds of the property of the hacienda were lost, for that reason they had to move the big house near where the temple of Santa Catarina currently is. Captain Lucas García learned the native languages ​​and for the good treatment that he gave to the native tribes, the ethnic nations called him “the captain of peace”. He was a councilman of Monterrey in 1599, 1601, 1605 and 1606. Ordinary Mayor of Monterrey in 1602, 1603, 1607, 1611, 1624, 1627 and 1628. In 1616 he was appointed Procurator of the New Kingdom of León. He died between 1630 and 1631.

Understanding History?

siegessaule-berlin-landmark-sky-64726.jpegWe live in a time where understanding history is of utmost importance since it appears that far too many individuals lack the knowledge and willingness to discover it.  I mean no insult with such a statement but let us look at reality. We have a generation that really does not know it’s own history.

Some of today’s youth maybe never heard of the Holocaust that happened in Germany under the evil reign of Hitler and the Third Reich which target Jews and other minority. Have you maybe forgotten the million upon million of civilian murdered because of communism? Communism is estimated to have murdered at least 100 million people according to the book The Black Book Of Communism, written by several professors and researchers and publishing by Havard University Press.

Not to my surprise, there are individuals that have declared that socialism is the “idealistic” form of government for our time. Um, No it is not!! Let me ask you this? Have you bothered to look at the countries where socialism is currently the “idealistic” form of government? I’m guessing you have only looked that the leaders that sit in power and you have seen their luxurious lifestyle thinking that that is the product or reward of socialism. Maybe just maybe you might have turned a blinded eye to the people that are under such oppression.  In my view, Socialism is Communion disguised with manners but yet it has the same outcome in the end. If Socialism is so great then why are other people wanting to move to the United States of America which is a capitalist country?

History is not just about dates, historical figures, and ideologies. It is about where we come from and where we are going as a society and as individuals.  Are we learning from it or are we repeating the same errors that our predecessors committed? Sir Winton Churchill once said,

          “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Are we failing to comprehend or are we simply just ignoring the lessons learned from previous generations? Or is it simply that we do not care enough for future generations? Has it occurred to us that we might be feeding our defenseless children to the wolves?  I mean defenseless as in them not knowing or lacking the knowledge thereof.  I am not here saying that we need to rewrite history. What I am stating is that we must look at our past and learn from it and teach our future generations proper history.




Uribeno 1

Uribeno, Tx., looking over into Mexico. May 09,2010.

Book Recommendation for Hispanic Genealogists



If you have been able to trace your ancestry to several conquistadors and pobladores of Nueva Espana then this book will be of great reference to you. I ran into this book in the Fall semester of my senior year at the Jernigan Library in Kingsville, Texas. This book is in two volumes which contains short auto-bibliographies of the conquistadors and pobladores of Nueva Espana.

Diccionario Autobiografico de Conquistadores Y Pobladores de Nueva Espana. volume I & II

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